We Help Dropshipping Businesses Grow Through Advanced Supply Chain Management Strategies

Dropshipping Isn’t Just about Running Ads – It’s the First Step to Running an E-Commerce Empire

I’d love to tell you that dropshipping is all sunshine and roses, that it’s the easiest business to run from a back bedroom and with a next to nothing budget, and that money is going to flood into your bank account as soon as you get yourself set up…

… But I think we all know that the reality of this business is a little darker and a little more complex than that.

Far too many “gurus” promise that you’ll enjoy overnight success and infinite riches dropshipping.

What they don’t tell you is all the headache you’ll put up with picking products, trying to deal with a marketplace you might not understand, plowing through language barriers, setting up shipping agents – and the list goes on and on.

Most newbies to the world of dropshipping get jazzed up about creating an account on AliExpress and throwing up a quick online shop. 

They don’t think about just how competitive this industry is, how difficult many of the popular tools for running an e-commerce/dropshipping platform are to take advantage of, or how expensive things can get if you don’t master the market to customer match that such a big piece of the dropshipping success puzzle today.

That’s why I decided to demystify so much of the dropshipping world.

My Name Is Jack Zhou and I’m Here to Help!

I am an e-commerce consultant based in Shenzhen, the global manufacturing hub that is home to 20-million marketplaces. I help e-commerce startups and dropshipping businesses succeed, by utilizing strategies that surprisingly, have never been used in these business models. 

I was a weak student, a mediocre employee but I started my business several years ago, currently raking in 6-figures every month. Did I find a secret recipe to success? No. I just watched people fail repeatedly (including myself) and learnt from their mistakes. 

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Here’s How It Works

When you choose to work with my operation you’ll find that your odds of dropshipping success skyrocket because of the proprietary and unique approach I take to working with all of my dropshipping agent clients.

Communication In Slack

To prevent scattered communications (Example: Email, Skype, Wechat, etc) we put everything in one place, which is Slack. The entire team will be in one group to support your project.

Integration with our ERP

Our ERP system offers you hands-free automatic fulfillment. No more cumbersome spreadsheet and CVS files to be maintained. Plus, you get real time reports. 

Supply Chain management

  • Our senior sourcing manager will help you filter unqualified, unscrupulous suppliers. With our AQL quality control standard will ensure customer get a good product.
  • Save up to 40% margin on buying from Aliexpress
  • Free inventory stocking and order fulfillment. All the products will ship out of our warehouse/one place in China. This is a great choice for dropshippers looking a viable alternative to Aliexpress & Oberlo.

Other Support

Fast shipping speeds help to improve your overall customer experience as well, giving you another advantage when it comes time to build your dropshipping empire with us.

We even offer custom photography options, custom packaging and labeling options – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


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